Acid Statue Room

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Acid Statue Room
Zone Lower Norfair
Subzone Lower Norfair/West
Hazard Heated
Theme [[]]

Adjacent rooms Main Hall
Golden Torizo's Room


The statue in this room requires Space Jump to activate, and as a result Space Jump is required in order to pick up the Missile location in Golden Torizo's Room. See that room's page for details.


Falling down to the tunnel, you can line yourself up with the right side of the left side pillar. You can then lay a power bomb as you enter the tunnel, and it will destroy the bomb blocks.

This strat jumps low to the first pillar, then does a high dboost across the rest. This video shows running through the door, but some runners may find it easier and more consistent to jump through the door.

One other way to get through the bottom portion of this room is shown below. One advantage of this is this and other ball-boost strats is that holding jump allows very safe crossing of the crumble blocks compared with Space Jumping across.

Even without a ball-boost through the door, you can simply morph and roll into the room for a slower, but safer, crossing.