Main Hall

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Main Hall
Zone Lower Norfair
Subzone Lower Norfair/East
Hazard Heated
Utility Elevator
Theme [[]]

  Elevator to Lower Norfair Elevator  
Acid Statue Room Adjacent rooms Fast Pillars Setup Room




Run to the right, and start space jumping when you hit the end of the platform. Fire a shot to open the door, and hold it through the transition. You can use a charged shot to kill one of more of the pirates in the next room, reducing power bomb lag.

The ideal strat is to do this in three large jumps, which will allow you to have a fully-charged shot by the time you hit the door. Four smaller jumps is easier, but you might need to wait after entering the next room before you fire the shot.


One option for this room, the "Flame Dancer", airballs over the first flame, under the second, kago-unmorphs on the Dragon, then Space Jumps through the next room.

While that exact strat is difficult to pull off, if you intentionally airball into the first flame, that can still leave you near the Dragon, and you can open the door and Space Jump through it anyway.

You can go to the right from the elevator in order to short charge left, which allows the Speed Booster's blue to protect you from the jets of fire as you Space Jump to the left side door. From there, you can shoot the door and morph in mid-air, so you can use Spring Ball to hop over the acid lake in the next room.

Previously, a commonly recommended beginner's strat for this room was a variation of this where you use the Blue state to get to the door, then open and jump through. However, this strat tends to be about the same speed as most backup strats for the Flame Dancer.

One option that's extremely difficult is shown here, similar to the Flame Dancer strat above, but it's likely not viable for RTA runs.

Two other difficult strats that Space Jump under the flames, either with a top mockball or acid mockball.