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Add your potential SM Projects TODO-List here

The purpose of this page is to (possibly gather interest for and) keep track of and gather interest for projects (or to document them, to keep ideas conserved), aswell as to allow for a publicly accessible overview of and insights into personal and/or general (in case the same thing is wanted by many) SM related ideas (in a structured/ordered manner) for potential new future projects (which then possibly could be tackled in a coordinated manner) or completions/conclusions of unfinished already existing projects that could be wanted by 1 or more persons in the community, and/or help the community or the Wiki page to improve. So feel free to brainstorm about

  • contents
  • goals
  • tasks
  • information
  • resources
  • documentations
  • structuring
  • implementations
  • automatizations

(even if it might be exaggerated wishful thinking) that might technically or realistically contribute to the prosperity of the Wiki and/or SM community.

ED's SM Projects TODO-List

Anything below is meant as project for NTSC aswell as PAL, aswell as with respect to different (worthwhile) rule-sets (such as with or without GT Code, OoB, or Reverse Lower Norfair entry) unless further specified.

  • Adding (complete, so that they show not only parts of rooms) pictures/screenshots of all/remaining rooms to the WIKI from the SMILE editor, possibly with the different existing room states (and preferably also with a version in which solid tiles are highlighted to differentiate them from air and e.g. spike blocks like in MB1's room).
  • Documenting/Making a video of Samus' CF colours while having rainbow beam effect on.
  • Listing all my tile behavior analysis of the 4096 block types with the 16 block types and 256 BTS values each in some appropriate page.
  • Listing all qualitatively different ways in which tool-assisted superplay could go out of bounds in a room, for all rooms.
  • Further application of Taco's mapping tool/lua script for mapping the full tile content in rooms including all of the Out of Bounds areas (and if possible multiple versions per room, and for all rooms), e.g. for the RAMBO category or any%glitched or low%glitched (based on how many items or item bits are picked up) or 12%.
  • Documenting suggested close to optimal routes on the Wiki for PAL speedrun categories (such as 100% with the Etecoon floor clip), possibly together with demonstration corresponding speedrun videos. Example 1: Any%glitched theory TAS (with hitbox viewer and setup explanations) for Sniq's don't try this at home route that takes the Parlor Wrongwarp ( ) to Landing Site's OoB for early PBs to then continue normally. Example 2: PAL 100% theory TAS with the (quick) Etecoon-floor clip (and its route-wise consequences).
  • For the time being: An implementation of an automatic conversion of speedrun submissions from DeerTier to the leaderboard(s) on SRC (and vice versa, unless already existing), to obsolete the need for manual transfer by moderators.
  • Page with a (check-)list of hard/TAS tricks/maneuvers/techniques/glitches (not necessarily speedrun related), together with either a confirmation that the trick is RTA doable (without tools) or unknown or has been tested and is deemed impossible.
  • Investigating the G-Mode X-Ray usage timings at savestations for various memory corruption effects, for a possibly faster any%glitched speedrun route for players.
  • Creation of an as easy and early setup (with video & explanation) for getting an artificial OoB Varia for players (e.g. for SM SRL puzzles).
  • creating a spreadsheet with strat room times for all rooms (depending on equipment, category, RNG, ammo+hp costs), possibly with strat video clips or descriptions of the strats.
  • Updating and extending the physics compendium. The compendium is planned to be updated in the future versions including a directory, a glossary, video-links for visualizations, symbols to highlight more interesting remarks, a chart for some movements within different states (of Samus)/media.
  • Analogous to the Item-Tree analysis, the Exploration analysis (regarding all minimal item combinations that allow to uncover a given map tile, for all map tiles, starting from the beginning) is to be continued and updated.
  • Further category speedrun world record progressions remain to be documented, and possibly a documentation or list or place for completions that fit less as speedruns but as achievements/challenges. Regarding the documentation of the progressions, one might aswell add further information regarding (possibly) relevant characteristics of WR runs such as if emulator (and in this case which and what version) was used, or what other device was used.
  • The history of SM discoveries (tricks, glitches, routes, etc.) remains to be documented...
    • Maybe as supporting preparatory basis for the above, one could make a place in which all known instances of strange occurrences happened (in videos for example)
  • Putting up a guide on how to use Geiger's debugger (or maybe bsnes' debugging) with breakpoints to figure out various things.

- - -

Special categories related:

  • Figuring out all of the solutions to Low%No-Refills.
  • Making a demonstration of Pacifist-Low% aswell as Pacifist-Max%.
  • Making guides for Blindfolded completions
    • Quick, rough speed-focused guide for Blindfolded speedruns (of any%, 100%) to quickly learn only the maneuvers for situations/rooms where is it reasonably needed to get through them (while leaving out information for rooms that are generally easy enough to get through, provided one is reasonably familiar with the game).
    • More thorough, in-depth consistency-focused guide for actually blind people (for any%, maybe 100%), and for bringing down Blindfolded Low%.
  • Improving the current state of the Low%Map record, and possibly making a proof of concept (or own attempt) for an estimated best possible map tile count for Low%Map.
    • Testing (and if possible documenting) with what preferably minimal equipment it is/might be possible to keep surviving forever at the magdollites room aswell as pre-Ridley room just by efficient farming and TAS RNG manipulation.
  • Making a proof of concept demonstration for RBO being possible with 13% for TAS.
  • Updating/Solving 8Beam-Shots-Low% for the Underflow case (and documenting it).
  • Figuring out and documenting the solutions to minimal number of rooms in which Samus is at least for 1 frame unmorph (i.e. Morphball%).

- - -

Hacks & TAS related:

  • Possibly routing and documenting such routings of further SM speedrun branches such as
    • all the 4 (update: there should be more by now) other 13% TAS-Low% branches (PB-PB, PB-Ice, PB-Speed, PB-X-Ray), and in particular, my suggested routes on TASVideos for some of these require updating to make up for the new discoveries
    • Low%Map
    • any%IGT (with pause abuse optimizations, and possibly an encode that only shows frames in which IGT runs)
    • IGT-optimized NMG any% TAS with pause abuse throughout (and an encode that only shows frames in which IGT runs), and properly figured out optimal route
  • Routing further hacks for any% TASes, in particular interest would be on the following list of hacks:
    • SM Redesign (there is material and info by Saturn, Taco and Hoandizi and Elminster)
    • SM Redesign (any%glitched with Sniq's early moonwalk doorskip OoB at 2nd Crateria room or so and walking onto a strange PLM tile in the ceiling of another room that triggers the escape state, which is also used in Azder's RTA runs of it)
    • SM Hyper (there's a WIP by Taco up to around Spore Spawn) (update: Moondance allows to skip the first 12 of the 15 Tourian gates tied to gate locks)
    • (SM Project Base v.0.8)
    • SM Ice Metal (there's some japanese WIP or TAS out there on NicoNico that abuses Megaball iirc)
    • SM Z-Factor (needs adaptions to open it in SMILE)
    • SM Oxide (see DCR's speedrun as comparison, and my Test-TAS movie file)
    • SM Advent (see my Test-TAS movie file)
    • SM Hydellius (there's now many different mostly progressive versions of this)
    • SM New Zebes
    • SM RBO Insane
    • SM YPR (see my Test-TAS movie file, hack ends in Lower Norfair, rapid-fire speed-echoes might find application)
    • SM So Little Garden (Taco made a WIP, Hoandizi made a TAS of Max%, also see my Test-TAS movie file)
    • SM Snowglobe (Taco and someone else made a WIP, also see my test-TAS movie file)
    • SM Airy (see my Test-TAS movie file)
    • SM GR2 Halfhack2
    • SM Lost World 1.4 (see my route notes)
    • SM So Little Items (see Mumu_Didi's speedruns for comparison)
    • SM Reimagined version(...) (Taco made a WIP of it)
    • SM Digital Cube (see my Test-TAS movie file)
    • SM So Little Time
    • SM Retroid (see Galamoz' speedruns and my notes, and my map:
    • SM Stupidity
    • SM Impossible (update: this has been routed for RTA)
    • SM Aquamarine (unknown obscure old puzzle hack actually)
    • SM Revolution Ex
    • SM Sigma++ (this one is a boss rush hack and has excellent graphics, but doesn't have credits)
    • SM Sunshine Oddity
    • SM Arrival (key skip isn't possible anymore in the new version)
    • SM YP Hell (see Sweetnumb's and maybe other's speedruns for comparison and my Test-TAS movie file)
    • SM Noobsmasher (see my Test-TAS movie files)
    • SM Falling (might be done soon)
    • (possibly new unique and worthy hacks, or hacks that could showcase special rare tricks/applications such as Bomb-Grapple-Hanging Transition-Teleportation or GGG via super-fast shot using a spark into a CF, or playing in the title screen demos, or applying midair Springballjump-chains suitless in water)
  • Figuring out if the early Gravity GGG for SM Impossible is possible (as proof of concept), with a corresponding movie file (and video) as documentation.
  • Going through all of the on the Wiki listed TASes to search for improvements (and ideas for potential improvements), and to list them in corresponding pages for each TAS (and making a page that covers and explains the most frequent general details, quirks and tricks that can be applied in TASes, such that in concrete improvement list pages, one can just refer to such trick application together with a timestamp in the TAS where it seems applicable).
  • Putting up a place on the Wiki where obsoleted SM (hack or original) TASes can be gathered (possibly integrated into the structure of the current TAS list page, with their corresponding info).
    • On this note, it seems that on the TAS list page, the movie file for Ruin, The Adam Virus, Wet Winter, Grand Prix 2, and Taco's TAS movie files are missing (and should, as opposed to other missing files, be obtainable). And it seems that the RBO Impossible TAS video parts are unavailable anymore.
    • Apparently Hubert's Project Base any% and Max% TAS movie files are lost according to him.
  • Finalizing the age old Item-Randomizer project for Ice Metal (from here with outdated, but TAS-conditions for traversing all places in all existing areas, which though might want to be updated, and for players, new weakened conditions would need to be found/determined and set:,3211.25.html ).
  • An expanded, more detailed characterization of hacks with parameters and special unique features that differentiate them from others (like the short list that I once made for Kottpower:

List of hacks on MetConst for relatively short hack TASes (some take under an hour, others can take maybe 3 hours or a bit longer), and the following hacks have all their own room- and area-structure (but a few might have some similarities to the original in the beginning, but should still differ from it in their own ways), and they should in general have mediocre difficulty (some are a bit harder, others are easier), and provide hopefully interesting features and are fun.

SM. Final Stand [dark planet; Metroids hunt Samus]

SM. Legend of the Beast - Prologue [rather short; journey towards the center of the planet]

SM. Advent [jungle graphics; new beams]

SM. Black Plague [dark building; project base mechanics]

SM. Dark World [very short; "dark world" like in Metroid Prime 2 Echoes]

SM. Digital Cube [compact area consisting of 1 by 1 rooms, "memory and item puzzle game"]

SM. Exia [brown graphics; focused on Grapple with pits and blocks that push Samus]

SM. GrandPrix ["car racing graphics"; non-linear speedrun hack]

SM. GrandPrix2 [same as GrandPrix, but new layout and a bit harder]

SM. Sil ["silhouette-like" graphics; overworld area]

SM. Temporus [project base mechanics; halloween-ish]

SM. 32 [linear structure; facility areas]

SM Event Horizon [long mysterious journey; high gravitation later on in "black hole" area]

SM Rainbow City [the Super Mario World of SM hacks; overworld]

SM Retaliation [Zero Mission graphics; caves]

SM. ∑++ (Sigma++) [godlike colourful graphics; boss rush]

SM Volta [many different overworld tileset; straight forward]

SM. INERTIA [christmas hack; travelling with maneuverable Springball]

SM. Snowglobe [christmas hack; fun music and plot]

SM. Equilibrium [underwater jet-pack; "dark visor"]

SM. Rulers of Ruin [Castlevania tileset; short]

SM. Ice Returns [frozen underwater caves; Serris boss from Metroid Fusion]

SM Sunshine Oddity [ rainbow-coloured caves; new HUD]

SM. Conflict [item shop; strange boss fights]

SM. So Little Collab [desert pyramid; labyrinth with limited mobility]

- - -

- - -

Further potential personal goal ideas:

  • Speedrun completions of the following categories on PAL instead of NTSC:

Icebooster, X-Ice, Chargeless-Gravity, Chargeless-Ice, 0%, any%glitched, 100%Map, GT-Classic, Ceres Escape, Low%Map, Alphabetical Boss Order, Max%GT-Code, Blindfolded any%, Zebes Escape, Low%Ice, Low%Speed, RBO, 100%, any%. And generally for categories with very low competition, Theory-TASes or strategy videos could be made. And for speedrun categories in general, I could try to go for top 10, or for fastest keyboard times, or for times below (10/9)°T, with T being a category's corresponding current WR time.

(should maybe assign estimated values of time-investment or difficulty for each project: Low, medium, and hard...)

(... to do/continue >_>)

Croak's Bulletin Board


  • A collection of slopesparks

Look Into:

  • Ridley stuck
  • Icon cancel
  • LN power bomb door
  • X-ray power bomb door
  • The unbreakable gate


  • Consider potential improvements for ED's low% rooms map


  • Puzzle trackers

(enter editing mode and insert your ideas, possibly associated to some nickname, if wanted)