Gravity Suit

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Gravity Suit
Location Gravity Suit Room, Wrecked Ship
Effect Greater damage reduction, free water movement, heat and lava damage immunity

Gravity Suit reduces incoming damage by 75%, allows Samus to move freely in water, and allows Samus to traverse heated areas, or areas containing lava, without being drained of energy. Also, the suit is a pleasant purple color.

The Gravity Suit item cannot be obtained until Phantoon has been defeated and the Wrecked Ship's power has been restored. Even if its room is accessed through glitched means while the Wrecked Ship is unpowered, the item will not exist within that room.

It inherits all of the benefits of the Varia Suit, with the exception of the damage reduction towards the energy drain from the Super Metroid and the rainbow beam attack from Mother Brain's second phase.

Some randomizers remove the heat protection and other environmental damage protection from the Gravity Suit, in order to increase the value of finding the Varia Suit.

The suit can be utilized to perform a trick known as a gravity jump.

This item is acquired in the majority of categories. Reverse Boss Order and some low% categories are exceptions.


The item is sometimes nicknamed as "Magic Pancakes", due to this TerminalMontage video.

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