Lower Norfair Spring Ball Maze Room

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Three Muskateers' Room Adjacent rooms Lower Norfair Fireflea Room
Lower Norfair Escape Power Bomb Room



A common strat for this room is to short-charge on the upper platform, do a speedball into a springball jump that grabs the missiles on the way up, and destroys the first set of blocks in the maze. Sometimes runners can even get the second set of blocks.

The strat was demonstrated by Hotarubi in this video, and subsequently called the "Hotarubi Special" by Seancass. Until this video was rediscovered, there was a misconception that he didn't invent the strat, because the strat wasn't in his 100% run.

Out of the World Records for the category, the first to successfully get the strat on the first set of blocks was Zoast's 1:19:23, then the first to get both set of blocks was Kottpower's 1:17:47.

Alternatively, it's also common to Screw Attack the first set of blocks, and simply bomb the next set.