100% Map Completion

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Super Metroid Category
100% Map Completion
100% Map Completion
0:52 IGT
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World Record Holder
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Category Details

Start Timer:
On Start Game
Stop Timer:
Entering Ship Animation
Begin At:
Ceres Station
End At:
End of Zebes Escape
any% Items, 1244 Map Tiles
Major Bosses:
Boss Order:

Sweetnumb's Notes

100% Map Completion, aka. Mapo is a category with the purpose of turning all the existing map tiles in pink. This can be made by passing by all the map tiles with the exception of boss rooms, whose are automatically turned pink on the exit. Plus, an invisible map in Green Brinstar Fireflea Room, for which its collection or not has to be decided by the community *. All this makes a total of 1263 (only counting pink map squares) or 1264 (the set of pink map squares together with 1 especially conveniently accessible permanently black map square), respectively, map squares, and in the map square counter practice hack, the corresponding map square counts are 1243 and 1244.


This category allows to take as many items as you want to complete the game and turn all map tiles in pink. As you have to travel through every room in the game, the penalty time to go pick up e-tank is slightly lower than in any%. Thereby, runners usually pick up at least 7 tanks to allow stand-up glitch. Another reason to pick up extra items is to either refill your energy or avoid later farm which would cost more time.

Usual Itemset (Based On WR)

- Morph Ball
- Bombs
- 3+ packs of missiles
- 3+ packs of supers
- 2+ packs  of power bombs
- Speedbooster
- Varia Suit
- Gravity Suit
- 8+ Energy Tanks
- High Jump Boots
- Space Jump
- Screw Attack
- Spring Ball
- Wave Beam
- Ice Beam
- Plasma Beam
- Grappling Beam



Ceres station is for the most part similar from any other category, with one exception: The Ridley room tile does not turn pink when you first enter the room. You have to leave it and get back in after the escape sequence is toggled. File:Ceres Ridley Tile Missing.jpg

Early Zebes

The begin of the run is very similar to the 100% item route. In fact, most of the tiles you may skip will be collected later. You go down pick up morphball and your first missile pack, then climb back, pick up the bombs, and beat the Bomb Torizo. Head to the terminator room, pick up the e-tank and take the elevator to green Brinstar. Head to the Early Super Room, go grab the super pack and go back to the reserve tank room. You don't have to pick up any item, just roll beneath the Chozo statue, and grab the two tiles. Optimally, you want to escape this room doing the reverse Mockball.

Pink Brinstar to Kraid

Head to Big Pink, grab the Charge Beam, go toward the red tower. You don't have to grab any tile out of your way, you will go back there. Go down the red tower. Head to the Spazer room, you don't have to pick it. Head directly to Kraid, defeat him, and pick Varia Suit. You don't have to pick up Kraid's room tiles, they turn automatically to pink. Head to the missile and energy refill room, pick up the Kraid's save room tile, pick up Kraid e-tank, and go down the elevator to Norfair.


Go pick up Highjump Boots, and its e-tank. Head to Bubble Mountain, grab all the 6 tiles in both pre-cathedral and cathedral room. Climb up Bubble mountain, and go pick up Speed Booster. You have to let you fall in a couple of holes on the way in because slopes do not grab every tile. Head to Wave Beam, pick it up, grab all the tiles in Double Chamber. Escape using the lower door, and go down. Go to the lava rooms, and head to the Kronic Boost room. Take the higher left door. Go pick up the pre-dive farm room tile. Go back to Bubble Mountain, grab the lower right tile by breaking the bomb block and rolling in the tunnel you normally exit in any%. Head to Crocomire, you may want to farm a bit the bug at the farming spot next to the door if you're really low on hp or ammo. Beat Crocomire, pick up it's e-tank and wait a bit here, you won't collect the map tile until you croc completely sunk in the acid. Head to croc's powerbombs, grab them and go down the shaft. Pick the right room tiles, don't grab the missile pack. collect all the tiles in the big Indiana Jones room grapple_map_strat, beware of the missile tile, and the one below it. Pick up the grappling beam, take the grapple escape, grab all the map tiles in the water pools. Pick up the croc save room tile. You also may farm a bit here. Take the croc escape, grab all tiles in it, head back to business center. Take the map room tile, take the elevator to Brinstar.

Wrecked Ship

Climb up the red tower, take the alpha power bombs, and the tile behind the, take the red tower save room tile, take the beta powerbombs, roll in the Maridia escape tunnel, and pick up all the tiles. Take the elevator, cross the moat, you'll pick up the underwater tiles later. Go straight to Wrecked ship. Take the Save Room tile, take the Wrecked Ship left missile tiles, take the map room tile, and go defeat Phantoon. Grab the right super tiles, you don't have to pick it up, grab the left super. Head straight to the attic (You'll pick up ws e-tank later). Clear all the enemies, open the left door, grab all the right attic missile tiles, go back to Wrecked Ship Exterior. Visit straight up the Wrecked Ship reserve tank upper part. Collect all the tiles you can grab in the upper part of West Ocean West_Ocean_Map_Strat. You don't have to break the Super block, all tiles are free from access. Go to the bowling. Head to the reserve tank, but don't spark, just jump into the shaft to pick up the remaining tile. Pick up gravity, when exiting Wrecked Ship, jump into the transition, to pick the two tile in front of it. Pick up the underwater tiles, including those next to the missile tank. Don't worry about the remaining tiles in West Ocean, you'll go back later. Pick up the underwater tile under the moat.


Take the rightmost tile of the landing site, only those surrounding the right pillar. Head to the ship and take a refill. Back to Crateria, pick up tiles from the save room, map station, and last missiles. Go down the climb, pick up the right super tiles. Grab the tiles below old MB tank, take the elevator to blue Brinstar. Go to Billy Mays Room, then head towards Big Pink. Passing by green hill zone, take the leftmost tile you may have skip doing the Mockball there the first time, clear the pipe tile too. Go straight to green Brinstar, take the map room tile, the save room tiles, the missile refill tiles (There's an invisible tile in Brinstar Firefly Room). Take the Etecoons Super pack, the e-tank, the save room tile, visit the Etecoons, clear the tile in the bottom escape. Climb up the Etecoon shaft, grab the Powerbomb tile, Head back to pink Brinstar. Fall in the Dachora pit (There a cool Moonfall here). Pick up the energy refill tile (Another Cool strat here). Take the Big Pink Save, And go defeat Spore Spawn.