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Wrecked Ship Main Shaft


There are many different strategies for this room, several of which are viable, but must be balanced appropriately depending on how much health and ammo you have coming in.

The Kihunters in this room are constantly moving, while the Atomics only move when on-screen. Some strategies try to take advantage of this, especially when trying to reach the left side of the room in time to have a single Super damage both the last Atomic and the last Kihunter.

Any% KPDR/100%

Street Sweeper

This is the fastest known strat, but it does cost a little health, along with two Supers.

Link to video for the use of this strat in Any% KPDR.

Left Side

Link to video

The left side strat is slightly slower, but grabs multiple drops, uses no health, and only uses a few missiles.

Left Side Attic tutorial from TrueMoss

Attic Spark

This strat is much easier to execute than the strats above, but often isn't worth it due to the health cost. Additionally, if you spark too low you will miss the second Atomic, which will cost significant time from needing to backtrack to kill it before opening the left side door. A correctly placed spark may also miss the final Kihunter, since it may happen to be at the bottom of its pattern when you pass it.

Street Sweeper Variation

If you use Ice/Wave/Spazer and can't reliably get the Temporary Blue Suit used in either Street Sweeper or Left Side, you can finish off the last two enemies with beam shots fairly efficiently.


The most common strat for PRKD is to mockball under the Kihunter to the right, fire a missile at the right side Atomic, then use a combination of Missiles and Supers on the left-side enemies.

This method only uses one Super:

Double Double

"Probably not worth it unless you're absolutely full on Supers and hurting for Power Bombs."