West Ocean

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Bowling Alley Path
The Moat
Adjacent rooms Attic
Bowling Alley
Bowling Alley Path
Gravity Suit Room
Wrecked Ship Entrance




Ocean Fly

Ocean Fly is a trick that involves performing a shinespark to travel across the entirety of the moat and ocean. It costs ~165 energy when completed, with the shinespark ending at the Wrecked Ship Entrance's green door.

  • Charge a shinespark in the Crateria Keyhunter Room
  • Carry the shinespark charge to the moat
  • Perform a running spinjump towards the center of the moat above the water (try to avoid touching the Missile pack in the center)
  • Release the jump button as soon as your desired height has been reached
  • Press the shot button
  • Press either up on the directional pad or the angle up button quickly after (this activates the shinespark but should not use it (send Samus flying) just yet)
  • Release input from up and angle up (whichever you used in the previous step)
  • Press the jump button and right on the directional pad (this should send Samus flying directly right)

When executing this shinespark, the door to the ocean is most commonly opened by a Super Missile, but the door can be opened by a Missile and even a beam shot depending on how far forward you are and at what time you activate and use the shinespark.

When executed correctly, Samus should fly through the door connecting the moat to the ocean the moment the projectile causes it to open. Having the door open for Samus to fly through is the most difficult aspect of this shinespark.

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