Mini Kraid Hallway

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Mini Kraid Hallway
Zone Brinstar
Subzone Brinstar/Kraid
Theme [[]]

Warehouse Kihunter Room Adjacent rooms Kraid Eye Door Room


Make sure you don't run into Baby Kraid, especially on the way in. With only the Power Suit, colliding with him will do 100 damage. Depending on your health management so far in the run, that could mean death.

When exiting Kraid's Lair, make sure you jump through the door on the left. This will ensure that the Kihunters in the next room are in a favorable position to allow you to walljump out of the hole. If they are not in a favorable position, you may need to morph after walljumping to boost through them. Otherwise, they may knock you back into the hole.

Ammo Management

On the way in, you need to be aware of your ammo counts, to ensure you have enough to do your chosen method of Kraid Quick Kill. Mini-Kraid drops five items, the first four of which appear right away, and the fifth appears after a few seconds. If you use the Four Super method on Kraid, then you will want to have five supers when you leave this room so you can use one on the Gadora (Eye Door). This generally means you want to have one by the time you run through Mini-Kraid's drops so you can be at full. However, Mini-Kraid does have a small chance of each of its drops being a Big Energy (each drop has the same chance as a Cacatac's drop), so having two Supers when you run through Mini-Kraid's drops will be safer. If you're short on Supers after this room, then you can wait for the fifth drop, and reload the room if you still need more (which can sometimes be faster than attempting to farm in Kraid Eye Door Room).

GT Classic/GT Spacetime

To save on Missiles/Supers for the Kraid fight, you can use a Powerbomb planted just after the second Pirate to kill all 3 Pirates.

Ideally, you can kago mockball through the first pirate before planting the Powerbomb, then kago-unmorph as you get hit by a spike before killing Mini Kraid. Zoast developed this strat, and named it the Double-Kago Mockball with Fries and a Shake.