Warehouse Kihunter Room

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Adjacent rooms Save Room
Baby Kraid Room
Warehouse Zeela Room


If you do a small jump from the small ledge to the floor with the Baby Kraid Room door, that can fix the door, saving some frames.


If you enter the room while airborne, it will manipulate the Kihunters into moving in a pattern that will allow you to jump out of the hole without getting knocked back down.

If you mess this up, you can mid-air morph to allow you to keep your upward momentum even if you get hit.

If you fire a shot to the left as you rise out of the hole, you can open the door, allowing you to jump down into it. A mockball is even possible in the next room, allowing you to get to the bomb block faster. This shot has a very wide margin with Spazer equipped, but very narrow with only Power Beam.