Kraid Eye Door Room

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Kraid Eye Door Room
Zone Brinstar
Subzone Brinstar/Kraid
Theme [[]]

Baby Kraid Room Adjacent rooms Recharge Station
Kraid Room


This room contains probably the first damage boost that a runner should learn. On the way out of Kraid's lair you can turn right, hold jump, then press left shortly after taking the spike damage. Most other time-saving damage boosts require a mid-air turnaround.

There are other variants of this dboost that are faster, but also more difficult, such as jumping on the center pillar, shooting at the door, then dboosting to the far left of the room next to the door.

The damage boost on the way in is slightly trickier, since you will want to shoot the eye door with a super before it starts spitting goo. For a beginner, the damage boost could make that timing more complex.

As seen in this thread, some have called this the "Arthur J Metroid damage boost" since at least 2015.

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