Blue Hopper Room

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Blue Hopper Room
Zone Tourian
Theme [[]]

  Metroid Room 4  
Dust Torizo Room Adjacent rooms


Tourian Sidehopper room, state 1&2.png

Some runners will opt to damage boost off of a Rinka in the previous room, while others will opt to damage boost off of these hoppers. It is possible to avoid these hoppers completely, but very difficult. The Rinka Boost only costs 10hp, so often runners will use that if they are low on health after the Metroid rooms, since ideally they will do the Metroid Skip and enter Mother Brain's room with the same hp they leave this room with.

If health is not a consideration, runners will often choose between the Rinka Boost and the Hopper Boost based on the ammo counts going in to Metroid Room 4. If they need to use missiles on the Metroids, they use the Rinka Boost. If they use a Super on the Metroids, they use a Hopper Boost.

This variation of the hopper damage boost is fairly easy, relative to the faster method of jumping straight into the hopper for a damage boost. Since the RNG value is normalized on entering a room containing any type of hopper, if you keep the right-side hopper on screen it will always do two large jumps and a small jump. This damage boost happens right as the small jump starts.