Bubble Mountain

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Green Bubbles Missile Room
Bubble Mountain Save Room
Rising Tide
Upper Norfair Farming Room
Adjacent rooms Bat Cave
Single Chamber
Purple Shaft

BubbleMountain.png BubbleMountainSmile.png

Stationed here, the most evil mini-boss of the game. King Cacatac and his machine gun!

Any% (KPDR and PRKD)

Leaving Bat Cave to Single Chamber

Aim down fixes the transition but the bottom waver near the Last Norfair Missile of 100% causes extra lag, so it isn't advised.


This strat will kill King Cac so he can't knock you down.

This variation can give you an extra drop:


To get to the Green Bubbles Missile Room, the fastest method from the Bat Cave is a damage boost from the waver.

You can also do an Infinite Bomb Jump, or a delayed walljump, as shown here.

Technically it's also possible to jump from the right side to the left, but the window for this jump is small, so it's likely TAS-only.