Single Chamber

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Bubble Mountain Adjacent rooms Three Muskateers' Room
Double Chamber
Spiky Platforms Tunnel



Lag Reduction

Upon entering this room from Bubble Mountain, many runners freeze or kill at least one enemy in order to reduce lag, particularly if they plan on opening the red door with five missiles.

Coming from Lower Norfair, destroying the pillars with a Power Bomb creates substantial lag, so given good movement, runners are better off using bombs on the two lowest sections of each pillar.


Heading into Double Chamber, many runners run through the door, despite the door being misaligned, and then jump shortly after the room loads. This jump has a short frame window though, so on a platform with higher input lag like emulators, this strat has a decent chance of falling down below. Instead, beginners could jump through the door to align it, then hold Left and an Angle button through the door transition so you can use the full platform to jump over to the Kamers.

Ideally you can jump through the door and still land on a Kamer, but this jump is very tight, so very few runners attempt it.

Lower Norfair Escape

Ideally, you can move through the room fast enough to get a "ball boost", damaging off of the Multiviola right onto the top platform. However, going for this is not worth it with a Power Bomb, because the combination of lag and the need to wait for the boost will offset any time gained by not needing to bomb the 4 individual pillar sections.

If you don't get the boost, in categories with Ice Beam equipped like 100% and Any% KPDR, you can freeze the Multiviola under you, so you don't need to fall all the way to the floor before jumping back up.