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Crashes are bugs that will force you to reset the game in order to continue.

Known crashes include:

  • Gadora door freeze
  • Yapping Maw / Shinespark interaction
  • Breaking the tube to Maridia and leaving the room on the same frame
  • spark bonking wall at varia (suit) touch
  • walking into solid object (solid or frozen enemy or wall) in x-mode
  • ballbounce and just before 2nd ball landing menu is entered to switch springball
  • rt refill trigger in last frame before pause menu
  • cf trigger in front facing standing pose at varia or grav animation
  • transitioning while all 32 sprite slots are occupied (like at shaktool entering the left door fast after killing shaktool with wave plasma; or with bombing ki hunters for brown collision sprites)
  • firing an uncharged murder beam shot
  • firing a spazer+plasma shot
  • firing Murder beam not horizontally leftwards
  • firing a charged wave+spazer+plasma shot
  • firing a charged ice+spazer+plasma shot
  • using an SBA with spazer+plasma enabled
  • touching, shooting, grappling, or powerbombing at a (touch- or shot-)crash block out-of-bounds
  • touching zombie kraid (caused by 1 missile hit followed by 1 900 damage charged shot hit. zombie kraid is usually a softlock anyway)