Fast Pillars Setup Room

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Fast Pillars Setup Room
Zone Lower Norfair
Subzone Lower Norfair/East
Hazard Heated
Theme [[]]

Main Hall
Fast Ripper Room
Adjacent rooms Mickey Mouse Room
Pillar Room

FastPillarsSetupRoom.png FastPillarsSetupRoomSmile.png

Various Categories

As described in the Low% TAS notes, entering this room from Main Hall while airborne will cause the room to load 10-20 frames faster, due to the pirate firing while the room is still brightening.


Entering this room with a Plasma shot charged, you can kill one or more pirates to significantly reduce lag when the Power Bomb goes off. The lag for the various methods is explored below.

Room Lag

Strat Lag Frames
Power Bomb 60-78
Freeze one pirate 43-48
Kill one pirate 13-22
Kill one pirate, freeze one pirate 9-13
Kill both pirates 0-6

The "Kill both pirates" method is the fastest optimally, but this may depend on execution, due to this method requiring a jump before firing the shot: