Hi Jump Energy Tank Room

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Hi Jump Boots Room Adjacent rooms Business Center

HiJumpEnergyTankRoom.png HiJumpEnergyTankRoomSmile.png


KPDR runners will usually take this missile pack unless they're only collecting 15 missiles. The best method is to kill the Sova before it goes down the hole, then open the door before going down yourself. Then after collecting Hi-Jump Boots, go up and collect the missile, and open the door, which is unlocked because of the first pass through the room.


PRKD runners will usually skip this missile pack, so they will ignore the door on the way in, then take the lower route on the way back up, using a Power Bomb to kill the Sova and destroy the bomb blocks.


This is a common room to get softlocked in. If you come in without a way to destroy bomb blocks, and enter the Hi Jump Boots Room, you will be softlocked if none of those items can destroy bomb blocks. The path you came in is blocked by crumble blocks which will have respawned on re-entering the room.