Ice Beam Gate Room

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Ice Beam Tutorial Room
Ice Beam Acid Room
Crumble Shaft
Adjacent rooms Business Center




To get past the gates without speedbooster, you will need to mockball. A short-hop mockball is not necessary, though the timing of inputs is tighter than other rooms, since the ceiling is low.

Ice Escape

There are two primary methods of leaving the Ice Area to go back to Business Center. The slower method is to bomb the ceiling block. While morphing and planting a bomb in mid-air will work, as will double bomb jumping, neither of these will be reliably quick for a beginner. The most reliable method will be to release a bouncing Bomb Spread. Charge the beam, morph and hold down until the bombs are released. This will still be significantly faster than going through the Ice Beam Tutorial Room.

Runners capable of a short-hop mockball can freeze the last two green platforms, and then build up enough speed to mockball past the first gate before it closes. It's possible to build up enough speed using only one green platform, but more difficult.

For Any% KPDR, you can save at least half a second if you stand up after getting through the first gate, and run through the rest of the room, due to having Speed Booster.