Speed Booster

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Speed Booster
Location Speed Booster Room, Norfair
Effect Increase running speed, enables shinesparking

Speed Booster increases Samus's running speed while holding Dash. After ~1.5 seconds, she will turn blue. Although this time cannot be reduced, the distance required can be.

The following will occur while Samus is blue:

  • Samus will immediately destroy all Speed Booster blocks and bomb blocks that she comes into contact with, and will also immediately destroy any enemy that she comes into contact with that is vulnerable to the effect (see damage table)
  • Samus will not be phased by enemies or projectiles that do not ignore invulnerability, so long as she is moving appropriately while unmorphed (an example of projectiles that ignore invulnerability are Mother Brain's rings)
  • Samus's invulnerability period will be reset every time the echoes are activated, assuming Samus is inside a room with at least one enemy that is either on the screen or moving off-screen (applies to blue suit glitch)

A speed charge will be gained if Samus crouches while blue, which will make Samus flash white for a brief period of time. During this time, she may use the charge to shinespark.

Samus can spinjump higher while running faster (not necessarily when blue), allowing for usefully high jumps in rooms such as Double Chamber and Mt. Everest. If you don't have Hi-Jump Boots this isn't necessarily true though, see Vertical Speed for details.

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