Tourian Escape Room 4

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Tourian Escape Room 4
Zone Tourian</inludeonly>
Theme Tourian

Tourian Escape Room 3 Adjacent rooms Climb


Also known as the "Leodox Room", due to a missed ledge grab making a decisive difference in a tournament match between Leodox and WildAnaconda69.

In addition to falling down the Climb at the start of the game, this is one of the most common rooms to perform a moonfall.

After you reach the bottom of the descent, acid will start filling up the bottom of the room as soon as you start moving right.


All Any% strats involve walljumping through the first pirate using the i-frames gained from being hit by a pirate's laser during the shinespark crash animation in the previous room. If you fail to jump into the door transition, or aren't quick enough for your i-frames to still be active, you'll need to drop down after the door, and adjust your strats accordingly.


If you climb up the right side, you can easily kill the pirates in your path, including with a hero shot to kill the top pirate in the first section. If you don't shoot right to kill the pirate standing on that platform, there's a very good chance that its laser will hit you during your descent through the middle section. If you're doing a moonfall, this will reset your fall speed and negate the effects of the moonfall.

The pirate at the bottom of the descent doesn't need to be killed, you can jump ahead of the lasers it shoots. If you do kill it though, a horizontal shot will produce far less lag than an angle down shot.

Once you reach the bottom of the descent, you can do four large walljumps on the left side to get through the one-tile gap next to the floating platform. Alternatively, you could forgo wall jumps and ledge grab up the floating platforms until you reach the top.

At the top, you'll generally need two shots in order to kill both pirates and open the door, but if you hold off shooting until after you're on the ground and running, you will only need one shot.


If you go up the left side instead at the beginning, you can walljump twice, move a bit wide, and fire into the pirate before landing on the left-side platform. Then you can simply kill the right-side standing pirate on your way through the descent.

One fairly consistent method to stop on the last tile in time for the moonfall is to jump onto the last tile, allowing you to do a buffered jump press, like with the moonfall in The Climb.


The optimal strat also goes up the left side, but does a downgrab onto that platform after shooting up-left into that pirate. The optimal moonfall will have you turnaround and "skid" right next to the ledge, stopping for as little time as possible to set up the moonwalk. A different walljump pattern will also save time in this room.