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Pit Room


Early Game


This room is the most common place for runners to perform a moonfall, since it saves several seconds, and it's close enough to the start of a run that a reset has little penalty.

If you're facing left, you can buffer the Angle, Shot, and Jump inputs during the door transition, then hold right after you land, and let go on Shot to start the moonfall.

There is a faster and more difficult moonfall that weaves between a few of the platforms at the start before moving right as with the standard method. This saves time by not needing to moonwalk as far to the right on the starting platform to avoid the first floating platform.

No Moonfall

If you have moonwalk turned off, you can get to the right side of the room and fall most of the way down without encountering a platform. To get past the first floating platform you can either downback or do a small jump; they seem to be about equal speed, with the downback possibly being slightly faster.

After that, you should count six of the wider platforms one tile to the left of Samus. Move slightly left to avoid the platform, then move back right to the wall. Aim down and fire to open the door, and run through.

The Climb

Wall Jumps

Many runners use walljumps, combined with hero shots, to climb the right side of the room without running into the pirates on the wall.

While the standard walljump climb kills the final right-side pirate with a very long Hero Shot, but 2cat came up with this hybrid strat that finishes with ledgegrabs, downgrabs, and walljumps up the middle section.

Ledge Grabs

Alternatively you can use ledge grabs to climb up the successive sets of floating platforms in the center. There are two main techniques used:

The most common is either named after Behemoth or just_defend, and weaves through the platforms.

The second method, named after StaticNine, exclusively goes to the right side of all of the center platforms.

Although both ledge grab methods optimally don't kill any pirates, beginners attempting to use either of these methods may need to shoot some of the pirates in order to allow time to get to the next platform without being hit.


For runners who struggle with the above methods, you could also jump up the left side platforms, shooting all of the pirates so they don't get in the way.


For any category with Speed Booster, you can shinespark up this room during the escape sequence. If you start running on the first tile of the previous room you will be able to kill the pirates in this room with the Blue Suit, which saves on lag frames compared with firing a shot. Short-charging also allows for this, but the benefits of short-charging would likely be offset by running slower as a result.

If you miss the shinespark, you can charge a backup spark using a 1-tap short charge within the room. However, acid will be rising, so you need sufficient hp to do this, and the backup spark is not available in categories that skip Gravity Suit, like RBO.

Vertical Shinespark

The safest option is to charge a spark, move to the far right side of the room, and spark straight up. You will crash on the top right platform.

Slightly faster than this would be to fire an angled shot as you're falling to the platform just left of the one you crash into, so you can jump through the door faster.

Behemoth Spark

The range of positions that will allow this spark to work

By starting an angled spark from a crouched position at the bottom of the room, you can spark all the way to the ceiling, which saves both the time it takes to run to the right side wall, as well as potentially saving time at the top of the room. However, if you're not fully crouched before starting, or if you are outside of the range of positions that work, this spark may bonk on a lower platform, costing time.