Mt. Everest

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  Red Fish Room  
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Mt Everest.png

Click here for unaltered room picture. Click here for room annotations.


The most common method to reach the upper right door of the room is to charge a shinespark along the floor of the room, then do a diagonal spark while standing between the second and third floating islands.

If hp needs to be conserved for the Botwoon fight, you can farm the crabs in between charging the spark and activating it.

You can also jump before activating the spark, lowering the distance, and hence the health, required.

You can also get to the top right with a jump from just after the peak of the second island, then walljumping the rest of the way up. You'll need to charge a shot in order to Pseudo Screw through the Powamp.

A Gravity Jump will also get you there, but that will cost significantly more time.

When revisiting this run in Any% PRKD, if you shoot the door but fall down from that platform, you can get back up to the ceiling of the next room by shinesparking against the wall down below.


Due to the slightly different physics used in the PAL version, this spark cannot be done from the floor, jumping up before activating the spark is required to clear the overhang.

GT Classic

Because you have Space Jump in this category, you can use that to get to the top of the room quickly without needing to wait for the shinespark crash animation.