Mushroom Kingdom

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Mushroom Kingdom
"Lower Mushrooms"
Zone Crateria</inludeonly>
Subzone Crateria/West
Theme [[]]

Green Brinstar Elevator Room Adjacent rooms Green Pirates Shaft


Also known as Lower Mushrooms and Kago Room.

Early Game

The most common strat for this room is to jump through the gaps between the mushrooms and the Kagos.

Behemoth instead uses the aim down pose to clear the obstacles.

Kipp instead jumps over the last Kago and mushroom, which costs a little time compared with the strats above, but does still save time over bonking any of the obstacles.

Ammo Management

Categories like Any% KPDR and 100% want to enter Brinstar with 5 missiles, and categories like Any% PRKD and Low% Ice want to enter Brinstar with full hp and at least 1 missile. If this is not the case, the Kago bugs might be a good opportunity to fill up before taking the elevator. If you fail to open any pink door in the Green Brinstar Main Shaft and don't get the drops you need from the Zeelas, you will need to ride the elevator back up.