Green Pirates Shaft

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Early Game (All Categories)

In categories that need to conserve health in the early game, like Any% PRKD or Low% Ice, you should kill the pirates with a missile each, and pick up a missile drop from the second or later pirate. That way you can go into Green Brinstar Main Shaft with full health and two missiles, and guarantee being able to open the door to Early Supers Room from the drops of two Zeelas. In the event that you get no missile drops from the pirates, it would be best to farm the Kago bugs in the next room.

Other categories like Any% KPDR that don't need to conserve health as much, the fastest method is to run through the pirates, as long as you have 5 missiles. The spacing between them is close enough that you only need to take damage from every other pirate, so generally that will be the first, third, and fifth pirates (although there is a strategy to damage-boost from a Waver in the previous room, allowing damage in this room to only come from the second and fourth pirates).

If you shoot at the pirates as you run through them, they will put their claws up, and will hit you sooner. Since getting hit resets Samus' speed, getting hit sooner means that the speed gets reset earlier on the platform, so you can build up more speed by the end of each platform. Video demonstration.


When collecting the two missile packs, the easiest method is to destroy the top three rows of shot blocks, leaving the bottom row. Then walk out so that you're centered above the two sets of crumble blocks, and shoot down to destroy the last shot blocks below you, so that you step on both sets of crumble blocks as you go down. Advanced runners can Quick Drop here, but accidentally moving one way or the other will result in a very costly trip back through the Gauntlet.

Map Completion

Since the missile packs are not needed, you can Quick Drop safely.