Post Crocomire Missile Room

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Post Crocomire Shaft Adjacent rooms



Also known as "Cosine Room" for the curve of the left-side tunnel.


Early Crocomire Route

Damage boosting off of the spikes is the fastest way to and from the missile location.

Runners can save time charging a shinespark on the way out of the room to climb the shaft instead of walljumping.

If you miss the acid cycle seen here on the way back due to making a mistake, it may be faster to wait for it to go most of the way down before starting to run, both because it will allow for the shinespark, as well as reducing the need to farm to regain health lost in the acid.

Late Crocomire Route

With this route you'll have Spring Ball, which can make the way over to the missile faster since you can simply jump after you mockball under the pillar.

Also, Gravity Suit makes the return trip far less punishing, both in terms of the acid's damage, and not being slowed down by it.