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Power Bomb
Location List of Power Bombs
Effect Stronger than Bomb, opens yellow doors, can damage off-screen enemies

A Power Bomb deals 200 damage in a large horizontal-oval-shaped blast radius, making it much stronger than a normal bomb. Power Bombs can open yellow doors, destroy Power Bomb blocks (as well as regular blocks), and enable techniques such as Charge Beam Combos and Crystal Flash.

Like regular bombs, it is possible to perform a Bomb Jump with Power Bombs, but unlike normal bombs, only one Power Bomb can be on the screen at a time, so it is impossible to perform multiple bomb jumps (or perform an infinite bomb jump) using only Power Bombs.

Unlike regular bombs, the blast radius of a Power Bomb will not reveal block types to the player.

If a Power Bomb detonation occurs when Samus acquires energy that causes her to go from 30 energy or less, to above 30 energy, the low energy alarm will persist indefinitely (despite Samus no longer being at low energy). This bug can be fixed by performing certain actions such as acquiring a suit upgrade, or pausing and unpausing the game.

If a creature vulnerable to Power Bombs stays inside the blast radius of a Power Bomb from near-beginning to near-end, they can be struck by it twice.

If an enemy that can respawn, such as a Gamet or Zebbo, is struck by a Power Bomb explosion, it can cause all other enemies in the room to take damage from the Power Bomb regardless of whether they are within its actual blast radius. In the case of certain enemies such as Metroids, this will cause them to aggro, and fly towards Samus from off-screen.

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