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Crystal Flash is a technique which fully replenishes Samus's energy.

The Crystal Flash can only be performed if Samus has less than 51 energy with empty (or no) Reserve Tanks, and can only be performed if Samus has 10 Missiles, 10 Super Missiles and 10 Power Bombs at the point of activation; however, because performing a Crystal Flash requires a Power Bomb explosion, you should consider it as requiring 11 Power Bombs to perform instead of 10.

To activate the Crystal Flash (after planting a Power Bomb), angle up, angle down, down, and the shot button must be held as the Power Bomb's explosion ends, and Samus must be in the exact position (both horizontally and vertically) of the explosion.

The Crystal Flash is utilized multiple times in Norfair/Lower Norfair during Reverse Boss Order runs, since none of the suit upgrades, which protect against heat, are collected.


While the Crystal Flash is active, Samus will not be granted a period of invulnerability if contact with an applicable damage source is made, thus allowing enemies - especially mobile ones such as Zebbos - to potentially inflict tremendous damage.

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