Tourian Escape Room 1

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Adjacent rooms Mother Brain Room
Tourian Escape Room 2


Tourian Escape 1.png


If you enter this room on the ground running, you can hold down the Shot button to fire two shots that destroy the gates and open the door. Putting a little bit of space between the two shots can help reduce lag.

If you fall down towards the door and then go to the right before the transition, you can drastically misalign the door. Beginners are better off for RTA just running left.

More advanced runners can try to arrest their momentum after falling or jumping off the edge.

The optimal method will also incorporate a morph-unmorph in the door transition followed by a downback, in order to avoid landing on the platform in the next room.


In this thread when Kejardon posted the first 13% run, he also happened to discover this about the game:

Finally, the trigger that makes Zebes explode is simply entering the room behind Mother Brain - all Mother Brain does is set the timer that kills you. It's a random tidbit of trivia I've only now had the chance to put to use.

This method of triggering the escape was also used in a previous route of Low% Glitched that did reverse Tourian entry.