Continuous Wall Jump

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The Continuous Wall Jump (referred to as CWJ) is a walljump trick that maintains the speed of your previous jump and therefore "continues" your jump. A CWJ is executed by barely clearing the top of a platform by spin jumping over it, and then performing a walljump on the side of the platform just cleared.


In order for a CWJ to be possible, either Samus needs to hit the ceiling (as in the Moat setups below), or you need to let go of Forward, then re-press it.

In a TAS context, when attempting a CWJ to the right it may be necessary to press Left+Right to get the walljump pose early enough to make the CWJ happen before you move too far from the wall.

Crossing the Moat

CWJ is mandatory for an optimal performance in 14% categories for crossing The Moat, although certain forms of bomb jumping, such as horizontal bomb jumping and ceiling bomb jumping, are alternatives. A CWJ can be executed in 14% Iceboots and 14% Speedboots as well; however, it has a completely different setup location than NTSC has due to the speed in which Samus moves and her acceleration out of doors. Additionally, on PAL, in the event you miss a CWJ, there are no setup locations within the actual moat room itself that can produce a walljump frame in which to CWJ with, making failed execution even more punishing.

In the case of 14%, as well as Any% PRKD (or any run that does "Phantoon first"), a CWJ is used to cross the moat before the Wrecked Ship. The most consistent way to accomplish a CWJ on the NTSC version is to push yourself up against the door of the previous room, open it, and run through into the moat room. The player must then jump on the last possible frame available before Samus would fall into the moat, which will allow her to barely clear the center beam, collecting the Missiles on top. Right after clearing that platform, press and hold jump, and if executed properly, speed will be maintained, allowing the player to reach the other side of the room. The actual walljump itself normally has a two frame window, but can be only a one frame window instead depending on your starting location before running and jumping towards the beam. The jump towards the beam is always a one frame window.

Overfiendvip and Oatsngoats have provided additional information regarding execution of this technique.

TASVideos description

Since the fanfare text box will automatically disappear if and only if you have a button held down, a technique introduced by Kipp is to wait for the fanfare to end, then press right and jump sequentially. Since the Right press will clear the text box, this means a consistent rhythm of those two button presses will work better for some runners than relying on visual cues from the textbox disappearing. TrueMoss suggests a tempo of 150bpm for the timing.

PAL setup

The starting position is the furthest right you can be for this setup. Hold run from when you start running until you hit the door transition, then release run during the transition. The jumps from this setup will both be frame-perfect.

Other CWJs

Other than the Moat, the other major timesaving CWJ is for Taco Tank.

The TASes do several others to save time, such as Pit Room, but there's currently no known setup to make these human-viable.

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