Crateria Super Room

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Climb Adjacent rooms



Tutorial from TrueMoss for the fastest strat, freezing all four Boyons just before you run across them.

If you can find a visual cue for the shot, that can save the time of needing to wait for a beat to start the audio cue. Though the audio cue does have the advantage of working regardless of input lag.

If you're not confident in the timing of that shot, you can crouch and fire a single shot that freezes all four, then back up and charge a spark across them.


There are several methods to collect these Super Missiles:

  • With Ice Beam, you can freeze all four Boyons, then run across them and charge a shinespark. With Plasma, Wave, and careful aim, you can do this in one pass, as seen in the 100% section above.
  • You can charge a shinespark just before the first Boyon, damage boost across the Boyon section, and activate the spark up the shaft.
  • You can short charge a shinespark, then build up run speed and boost off of a Boyon in ball form.
  • You can charge a spark running left from the first Boyon to the door, then run right and jump through the Boyons using the Blue Suit's invulnerability.
  • You can kill the Boyons with three Power Bombs, or four Super Missiles each.