Three Musketeers' Room

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Single Chamber Adjacent rooms Lower Norfair Spring Ball Maze Room


The missile pack in this room is sometimes called the "FrankerZ Missiles" after the global Twitch emote, due to the shape of that section of the room.

If one of the Kihunters is sitting in one of the tile-wide holes between the levels, it may help to take damage from the previous Kihunter, then use the iframes to jump through the next one. This happens somewhat often with the third Kihunter.


In the first part of the room, you can get a somewhat precise Space Jump through the pillars, then mockball through the morph tunnel.

You can use Plasma Beam to "hitbox" through the Kihunters without taking damage.

If you have too little health to take this risk, two charge shots, or one double-hit from a charge shot, will kill them. On the plus side, this also significantly reduces lag in the room.


This strat is one of the possible ways to dodge the Kihunters, by baiting the first two upwards before rolling underneath them.