Yapping Maw

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Yapping Maw.gif
Damage 30/15/7
Health 20
Size 8 x 8px
Freezable Yes
Nothing 2
Small Energy 32
Big Energy 32
Missile 32
Super Missile 2
Power Bomb 2
Invulnerable to:
Beams, Missiles, Bombs, Power Bombs, Screw Attack, Pseudo Screw

If a Yapping Maw grabs (or even thinks about grabbing while in range of) Samus while she has a shinespark activated, the game can crash when she finishes the spark. This only occurs when no buttons are held during the shinespark or crash animation. Hold a button when sparking near a Yapping Maw! Note that the crash can happen in rooms without a Yapping Maw if the shinespark started from a room with a Yapping Maw.

Interestingly, holding any button will prevent the crash, even a button that's unassigned.