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11% is the lowest amount of items in which a TAS can beat the game via defeating all major bosses while using out of bounds. Different to 12% (human's version of the category) is that 11% performs pause abuse (chained frame-perfect pauses to survive at zero energy for as long as necessary) and memory corruption (using the X-Ray Scope at a specific position and firing at a specific angle to create artificial items and wrong warps) in order to achieve the same goal with one less percentage.

The 11% core is the following:

Morphball.png Charge.png Varia.png Xray.png Ice.png Grapple.png Missiles.png Missiles.png Supermissiles.png Supermissiles.png Powerbomb.png

Mother Brain's glass would be partially destroyed such that the back of Mother Brain is exposed. It is not possible to expose the back of Mother Brain by breaking the glass from behind, as the glass can crack but will not break open from Missiles or Super Missiles fired from behind.

Samus would then climb up the right wall using X-Ray Scope, after utilizing Rinkas to become stuck, to a height that would allow her to fall from the ceiling and behind Mother Brain, similar to how the Zebetite skip with X-Ray Scope is performed.

Mother Brain's first phase is finished off with the rest of the ammo from behind. Right before doing so, Samus would need to become stuck in the wall by freezing Rinkas and sinking into them similar to how Botwoon skip works.

Mother Brain's second phase would be fought from behind her, stuck at the highest point possible behind her in the wall so that Samus can still strike Mother Brain with charge shots while not being hit by redbeam. It is not possible to pause abuse and use X-Ray Scope at the same time, so Samus would need to have at least some energy before heading to create the Varia Suit before rainbow beam.

Once Mother Brain's second phase hits zero health, Samus would climb the remaining distance to pass through the ceiling, to then use X-Ray Scope create an artificial Varia Suit in the out of bounds before Mother Brain fires her rainbow beam. Grapple Beam is required to pick up this Varia Suit, otherwise the game will crash. This Varia Suit will allow the game to be paused during rainbow beam, which means pause abuse will be allowed to continue until the point where the Super Metroid refills Samus's health, which is the reason why Energy Tanks are no longer required with this strategy.

The fight and game would finish 'normally' from that point onward.

It is not confirmed whether or not it is possible to be in a position in the room where Samus can still strike Mother Brain without taking any damage, such that she can still use X-Ray Scope to climb the remaining distance to escape the room, as again, pause abuse and X-Ray Scope cannot be used together as X-Ray Scope cannot be activated during pause fade-ins or pause fade-outs.

If Samus were to be at zero energy while out of bounds, the Varia Suit would need to be acquired during a pause fade-out, since Samus would still have zero energy the moment the suit is acquired, and it is not possible to pause during the initial moment that the suit is acquired (after the "VARIA SUIT" text box clears), until after the Varia Suit explosion animation is over. The only thing that has yet to be confirmed to confirm that this is completely possible is whether or not there is a moment where you can continue pause abusing during the suit animations caused by Varia Suit.

Interesting to note that the block which creates the Varia Suit can generate anywhere between one to four copies, and all of them can be acquired at the same time with the same Grapple extension. If this occurs and multiple copies are acquired, it can cut the animation time of the suit acquisition in half, which will allow the game to be paused earlier.