Botwoon Hallway

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Adjacent rooms Botwoon's Room


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14% Ice

Using Ice Beam you can freeze the Mochtroid to clip through one of the ceiling pipes in this room, eliminating the need for Speed Booster. This is essential to the 14% Ice category, but is also useful for randomizer.

Get in the corner with the mochtroid, crouch and hold both angle up and angle down to have Samus aim straight up, and then freeze the mochtroid. You then want to do a jump and then press down immediately (do not spam so you do not morph) and it should put Samus in a standing position inside the mochtroid. Do another jump and press down and you should be in a position where you can press up then jump to clip through the floor. If you have trouble with the second down input, you can hold down the entire time and you will automatically down jump on the first frame, making it work every time.


Most runners go for a short charge on the lower level to break through the Speed Booster blocks. The most common trouble runners have with this other than messing up the short charge itself is the oscillation of the Wave Beam causing only the top shot block to be broken, leaving the bottom block in the way.

If you're inconsistent at this short charge (it requires a 3-tap or stutter-2?) you only lose about a second by running all the way to the left and skipping the short charge entirely.