Brinstar Reserve Tank Room

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Similar to the Billy Mays Room, there's an extra hidden missile pack in this room. But because it's encountered much earlier, it's the Ron Popeil missiles.


This reserve tank is too far out of the way to be practical for any route beyond a beginner level, considering you would need to get the Early Supers, then come down to this room, as with the standard 100% route. However, one idea (suggested by Kipp) is to pick up this reserve tank when you drop an energy tank from your route (Kraid's Tank, for instance). That way if the reserve ever activates, you know you would've died, but can still continue the run.


It is possible to acquire the most behind missiles in this room with only Screw Attack and Morph Ball. While this is impractical in actual categories, it can be very useful for things like Randomizers for an extra item early on.

It abuses the forcing of standup pose, by landing inside a 2 tile tall area while aiming down and also abusing tha fact that this can be used to perform an Autospinjump in such an area. Below is a video demonstrating this technique. The inputs are shown in the upper left corner. Basic idea is to run right shortly, jump, let go of jump shortly and repress it and aim down before landing. If you land far enough to the right you can then turn around by pressing left and angle button and then simply hold right to perform the Autospinjump, which will then with Screw Attack destroy the remaining blocks.