Early Supers Room

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Acquiring early Super Missiles

Even though the intended way to acquire the Super Missiles at the top of the room is to run over the crumble bridge and past the gates with Speed Booster, it is possible to get theese Super Missiles only with the use of Morphball. Therefore a technique called Mockballing is used, which transerfs running speed into rolling speed, which will allow you to not only be fast enough to not fall through the crumble blocks but also be small enough to not run into one of the closing gates. This is one of the first major sequence breaks in almost any category and allows to skip Spore Spawn´s Super Missiles making that Miniboss obsolete in almost all categories. The video below shows a demonstration of how to perform the Mockball with a setup from the previous room.


For the first pass through the room, start as normal, but do a damage boost off of the Waver instead of most categories, where you kill it for its drop. Then go back right and open the Reserve Room door with a Super.

The fastest way of collecting the missiles under the crumble blocks is to do a mockball from the Reserve Tank room, then drop down into the missile area.

This mockball is very difficult though, so if you fail it, or choose not to do it, the fastest way is to go back up top to the Super Missile location, drop down, then do a Quick Drop through the crumble blocks above the missile, grab it, and jump back out before the crumble blocks finish respawning.


It's possible to get through the gates without either Speed Booster or Morph Ball, using a damage boost from the Zeb, as seen in this clip. However, if you're playing on a randomizer that lacks softlock prevention changes, failing this trick will result in a softlock.