Screw Attack

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Screw Attack
Location Screw Attack Room, Norfair
Effect Spinjump becomes a force of nature

Screw Attack is one of the strongest weapons in the game. While spinjumping, Samus will be immune to most sources of damage and will instantly kill anything she touches that is vulnerable (see damage table), except for certain foes such as bosses and Metroids (although it will deflect Metroids from attaching, and make Samus invulnerable to damage from Metroids that are already latched on). Screw Attack is also able to destroy bomb blocks, and resets Samus's invulnerability period whenever it activates inside of a room with active enemies.

It cannot break bomb blocks out of a walljump without a turnaround; this is most notable in Blue Brinstar Energy Tank Room in 100% runs, but is also why it cannot be used to get through The Worst Room In The Game without the use of a Power Bomb or Space Jump.

Because of its location and very little benefit versus bosses, Screw Attack is ignored in many categories. Generally, any category that optimally obtains, or is forced to obtain, less than 22% of items when completing it will not obtain this item, but those forced to obtain more will collect it.

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