Charge Beam

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Charge Beam
Location Big Pink, Brinstar
Effect Triples beam damage, enables special beam techniques

Without the Charge Beam, holding the shot button down causes two shots to be emitted approximately 15 frames apart, and all shots thereafter to be emitted approximately 25 frames apart. Tapping the shot button repeatedly allows you to fire at a faster rate than if you held it down.

With the Charge Beam, pressing and holding the shot button will emit a shot and cause a charge to begin. If the shot button is released before Samus begins to flash, a normal shot is emitted. Otherwise, a charged shot is emitted, which will deal three times as much damage, has a larger hitbox, and may move at a different speed.

It takes exactly 60 frames (1 second on NTSC / 1.2 seconds on PAL) to charge up a charged shot, but this process is delayed if Samus performs a turn-around, which will delay the beam's charging time by approximately six frames each time.

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