Big Pink

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Save Room
Dachora Room
Pink Brinstar Power Bomb Room
Waterway Energy Tank Room
Adjacent rooms Spore Spawn Kihunter Room
Pink Brinstar Hopper Room
Spore Spawn Farming Room
Green Hill Zone


The "charge missiles" are often also called the "danetch missiles", because during the weekly races danetch would regularly type ".time missiles before charge" into chat.

Early Game

If you unmorph and then re-morph on the last ledge before dropping to the floor with the door to Green Hill Zone, you can fix the door. Whether this saves time overall compared with simply running into the misaligned door is dependent on your execution.

Spore Spawn Supers

From this position you can jump and shoot the Super when you hit the ceiling.
To get the Spore Spawn Super Missiles without fighting Spore Spawn, you can enter the Spore Spawn Farming Room from this side, by destroying the bomb blocks, and then shooting the Super Missile block. The Super Missile will often despawn before it hits the block, but certain setups prevent this.

Historically a Crystal Flash was used inside that morph tunnel in order to force Samus into a crouching pose, allowing her to fire a super right next to the block. This can be seen here.

Charge Beam Escape Clip

When coming from Waterway Energy Tank Room in such categories as 100%, you are able to clip through the bomb block above the charge beam item instead of destroying it. This is a 3 step clip. First, run and jump holding down to stand upright on top of the bomb block. Second, jump and press down and then press forward. This will get your foot stuck in the top of the block. Third, jump to perform the clip.