Pseudo Screw Attack

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The Pseudo Screw Attack, also known as pseudo-Screw, is a technique executed by performing a spinjump while charging the beam. Doing so will cause Samus to flash yellow. During this animation, she may avoid taking damage from many projectiles, such as Mother Brain's beams.

When Samus touches an enemy while performing this technique, Samus will deal 200 damage to it (assuming it is vulnerable), which will consume the charge. The Pseudo Screw Attack is similar to Screw Attack, but is much weaker and has more limitations, hence the name.

Included in its similarities to Screw Attack, the Pseudo Screw Attack will reset Samus's invulnerability period when used. This is particularly useful in 14% categories to reduce Samus's health before being drained by the Super Metroid, since the Super Metroid is not skipped in those categories.

To retain the charge while performing a walljump, you must release the shot button once the spinjump has been performed but before the walljump is performed. Note that the effects of this technique are disabled while Samus is in the "walljump check" pose.

Without Gravity Suit in water or lava, a Pseudo Screw will only be active while coming out of a walljump. It will not be active on a normal spinjump.

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