Draygon's Room

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Draygon room, state 1&2.png

Damage Boost

If you do a full jump when Draygon's babies first contact her, you can damage boost off of the bottom turret, and the timing will be good for the drops to appear just as you start passing through them.

Speed Jump Escape

While a shinespark is always an option to escape the room if Gravity Suit and Speed Booster are available, it's also possible to get out directly with a jump. With High Jump Boots, the jump is trivial. Without them, it's quite precise.


The path of the babies/Evirs was revealed to be the words "Keiko love", after Shmuplations translated an interview from 2007 with programmer Yasuhiko Fujii. The translated interview also links to a forum post where he had also revealed this information in 2004.

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