Grappling Beam

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Grappling Beam
Location Grapple Beam Room, Norfair
Effect Allows usage of Grapple blocks, grabs item drops, conducts electricity

The Grappling Beam (oftentimes referred to instead as "Grapple Beam", or simply "Grapple") allows Samus to use the various Grapple blocks seen throughout the game (gray blocks with a plus sign in the center), as well as attach similarly to certain enemies such as Powamps and Ripper 2.

The beam will instantly destroy many aquatic creatures, as well as some weaker non-aquatic ones seen in the early game (Geemers, Cacatacs, et cetera). Destroying an enemy with this beam will reset Samus's vertical velocity. Both Skulteras and Coverns are immune to this beam, and are also unfrozen by it if they have been frozen by Ice Beam.

The beam will acquire item drops that it comes into contact with.

As an electrical conductor, you can use the beam to take damage from the sparks in Wrecked Ship and the turrets in Draygon's Room. It is possible to damage boost off of Wrecked Ship sparks, but this damage source does not provide invulnerability (similar to Mother Brain).

Electricity from Draygon's turrets can be utilized to defeat the boss, but doing so is suboptimal compared to strategies involving shinesparks.

As it does not have a weapon cooldown, the beam can be used immediately upon being selected, regardless of if another weapon is on cooldown or not.

There is a period of frames where, after using the beam to sling Samus a direction, Samus will be able to morph and unmorph without losing momentum. Samus can jump after the unmorph occurs (if performed quickly enough, before momentum is lost) and can repeat this process of morphing, unmorphing, and jumping indefinitely. This technique is known as "infinite grapple jumping" (IGJ for short) and is easier to perform underwater without Gravity Suit due to the reduced speed in which Samus morphs and unmorphs. This is a vital technique in Reverse Boss Order runs for progressing through Maridia.

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