Green Brinstar Main Shaft

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Green Brinstar Main Shaft
Zone Brinstar
Subzone Brinstar/Green
Theme Brinstar/Green
Chozo 1

  Elevator to Mushroom Kingdom  
Brinstar Pre-Map Room
Save room
Green Brinstar Fireflea Room
Green Brinstar Beetom Room
Adjacent rooms Early Supers Room
Dachora Room


Early Game

As you come off of the elevator platform, move left to hug the right edge of the platform, then fire two beam shots down to kill the first Zeela.

For Any% PRKD, you should kill the second Zeela, then collect both missile drops (since this route has you entering this room with full health and at least one missile). If you entered the room with 2 missiles you can use one on the second Zeela, otherwise you'll need to kill it with beam shots.

For Any% KPDR, you can move left then right around the Ripper to the door to Early Supers Room, or you could stop briefly on the platform before falling down further, which will allow you to collect the Zeela's drop.

Coming out of the Early Supers Room into Dachora Room, you want to do a small jump, as this will allow you to start falling faster than simply running off the ledge (though simply running off and then moving a little bit more left after bonking the overhang is a good strategy for a beginner to avoid the Ripper).

After you Super the door, most runners will run through it and jump into a mockball in the next room. However, to align the door, some runners will jump through the door transition, then do a kago mockball through the first Zeela in the next room.

Map Completion

A commonly missed map tile is the morph tunnel near the bottom of the Etecoon Room.


If you miss the mockball coming out of the Power Bomb area, it's faster to Bomb Jump out of the morph tunnel rather than go back to the right and mockball again. This also applies in Map Completion after you've collected the tile for the Power Bombs.

Coming out of the Etecoons area back into the elevator area, this is the fastest strat, and it reduces Power Bomb lag as much as possible, as well as fixing the door.