Dachora Room

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Dachora Room
Zone Brinstar
Subzone Brinstar/Pink
Theme Brinstar/Pink

Green Brinstar Main Shaft
Energy Charge Station
Adjacent rooms Big Pink


Early Game


After you enter the room, do a full jump when you hit the bottom of the first slope. You can then do a mockball when you land, named the Golden Mockball after runner Go1den.

As you roll through the room, roll up the hill, then lay a bomb right at the top corner of the hill right as it slopes down. Then lay a bomb against the bombable wall, and move back left. Since the Reo only moves when it's on screen, this will manipulate it into getting hit by the bomb.

You can then move back and forth, bombing the wall one piece at a time, and you can also bomb on the left side of that movement to hit the Reo, so you can collect its drop.

After the last part of the wall is gone, you can run to the right side of the room and open the door. Avoid getting hit by the Metaree, because of how much damage it deals.

You can save some frames over the Golden Mockball by making a slightly smaller jump; shooting the first Reo will make it pause briefly, giving you a wider window to make that jump without getting hit.


The current RBO World Record uses a trick known as Moondance, a series of consecutive moonfalls in order to build up stored fall speed. This is then used in Green Brinstar Main Shaft in order to clip through the Power Bomb blocks to the lower portion of the room, allowing the collection of the Power Bombs down below (along with the Super Missiles and Energy Tank).


If you fall down the Dachora pit with no Energy Tanks, it is possible to escape with only 99 energy by walljumping up the side before activating the shinespark. Hi-Jump Boots make this much easier, although it is possible to get out without them.