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Gauntlet Entrance
Parlor and Alcatraz
Adjacent rooms Crateria Power Bomb Room
Crateria Tube


Early Game

Run to the left after you regain control of Samus. Avoid arm pumping on any of the downward slopes here, since there's a decent chance you'll fall off of the slopes if you do. Fire a shot angled up when you're near the end of the low, flat section before the door. You'll also need to limit arm pumping after firing the shot, to avoid bonking the door.


After coming from the Wrecked Ship, perform a shinespark diagonally right from near the ship. This will allow you to get to the ledge up by the Crateria Power Bomb Room. Lay a Power Bomb to open the door, and run through.

After you exit, do a wrap-around shot to open the door to Gauntlet Entrance, then shinespark horizontally left from the pillar below, through that door.