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any% glitched
any% glitched
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Any% Glitched allows any and all glitches in order to complete the game in the fastest possible manner. This generally involves getting Out of Bounds and triggering the Escape Zebes sequence. Early runs of this category used the GT Code to acquire the necessary items to use Spacetime Beam, but with the discovery of X-Ray memory corruption, getting OoB with X-ray turned out to be the fastest way of finishing the game. The method of completing the game with GT code spun off into its own category, Any% GT Code.

X-Ray Climb Route

The beginning until X-Ray Scope is basically the same as GT categories - Morphing Ball, Bombs, Missiles (one pack), Super Missiles (one pack), Power Bombs (one pack), and (optionally) one Energy Tank are acquired, and are the only items acquired, before traversing the X-Ray hall and acquiring the X-Ray Scope. Keep in mind that Charge Beam is not required at all for this category.

Upon entering Red Tower, go up and grab the Power Bomb (Alpha) pack. Make sure to farm so that you have full health before the X-Ray hall. Damage boost your way through the room with the help of the Wavers in the room. After getting the X-Ray Scope, you can either wait for the Wavers to appear before you (safe strategy), or you can jump straight out after the fifth fade-in that you can see in the background (faster).

After X-Ray, climb up Red Tower again and get all the way up to the ship. Make sure to fill up on Super Missiles. Get in the Parlor and wait for the Geemer (blue) to get in position, then fire off a Super Missiles and run through the door.

If you're successfully stuck inside the door, perform an X-Ray Climb until you reach the above tile on the map. Morphing Ball can be turned off as it makes the X-Ray Climb a bit safer, but make sure to turn it on after you're done X-Ray Climbing.

Once you're done with the X-Ray Climb, you need to navigate through the out-of-bounds blocks to reach a certain location, then activate X-Ray Scope. This will change memory values, including the flag for the escape sequence. Then you can jump into a transition block to Crateria Power Bomb Room, run out of the room back into Landing Site, and enter the ship to complete the run.

The memory flag will be set more quickly if you X-Ray left for a second or two before turning right, as opposed to X-Raying to the right. This is due to lag, so in either case, you can time it based on waiting until Samus' visor has flashed four times.

Doorskip and WR Route

The doorskip technique allows Samus to go OoB by using precise pause and hitbox manipulation while falling into a door transition. The current World Record uses a doorskip in the transition between Parlor and Climb in order to go to Landing Site followed by Crateria Power Bomb Room, where Power Bombs is picked up as the first item. It proceeds down to collect Morphing Ball as usual but then goes left through the Power Bomb blocks to Big Pink, where the Missile pack above Charge Beam is collected. This cuts significant backtracking through Brinstar Elevator and Climb, and also removes the necessity to go to the Awaken Missiles section. It continues up to Early Supers Room and collects the Super Missiles, then goes across to Brinstar Pre-Map Room, kills all the enemies there, and leaves for X-ray. Opening the grey door at the end of Pre-Map room triggers the awakening of Crateria which never happened because the Pit Room and the Pirates there were aboided; the awakening of Parlor is necessary to use the Geemer for getting stuck inside the door later.

After this, the route is the same as the previous route for the rest of the run.

G-mode Route

While X-climb route gets doorstuck and X-climbs to get OoB, this route instead executes G-Mode Save Station to get OoB. The first part of the route, up to early Supers, is the same; then, the Brinstar Reserve Tank is collected and filled to some capacity in order to activate G-Mode. Visiting the Brinstar Pre-Map Room is NOT necessary, since there is no need to awaken Parlor in this route. Once X-ray is collected, Samus heads to the Caterpillar Room, where a Zero must be lured all the way to the entrance to the Red Tower Save Station so it can damage Samus during the door transition; this damage is used to trigger G-mode. Inside, Samus steps on the save platform and then activates X-ray appropriately to get OoB. Falling a certain amount will make X-ray corrupt memory and then a transition block is touched so Samus can leave the room and escape to the Ship.


The Out of Bounds section can be filled with bad blocks if you reset. Powering the console off completely before turning it back on can prevent any issues caused by this.


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