Parlor and Alcatraz

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Parlor and Alcatraz
Zone Crateria
Subzone Crateria/Central
Theme [[]]

Terminator Room
Crateria Save Room
Final Missile Bombway
Adjacent rooms Landing Site
Pre-Map Flyway


Alcatraz Escape

The Alcatraz escape ("Alcatraz" being the smaller of the two areas pictured above) is one of the first tricks a player new to the game will need practice to learn. When coming back to the room after defeating Bomb Torizo, this strategy saves a minimum of eight seconds compared to going around the other side, and only requires Morphing Ball.

To perform the Alcatraz escape, walljump on the lower part of the first section to the left, then repeat on the next section. When you reach the narrow "bottleneck" above at the end, quickly walljump, morph (press down while continuing to hold jump) and hold left.

The nuance that many new runners miss about the trick is that after you do a walljump, if you hold jump then you just need to press down once to morph, instead of twice.

Early Game

On the way down, the fastest path is to moonfall down, then use a double set of downbacks to reach the door.

On the way up there are many paths up with a combination of walljumps and ledgegrabs that will be equivalent in time to each other. Here's one example of a route up:

For entering the morph tunnel, beginners can just run to the right and morph in time to avoid the Skree coming down. Runners only comfortable with full-jump mockballs can jump from the grass at the top of the hill and hit the hanging-down ceiling, while the optimal strat is to short-hop mockball.


Most routes for Any% will optimally use Speed Booster to break through the bomb blocks on the way to Tourian through Terminator Room. The optimal method for KPDR is to Space Jump through the blocks while retaining the Speed Booster blue state, but it's relatively tight without hitting the wall above the bomb blocks. A more reliable method is to morph into a speedball on the far side of the pit.


Several versions of the randomizer might give Speed Booster as a starting item, in which case you might be required to use it to break the bomb blocks in this room to progress. You can do this with a 1-tap Quick Charge, then jumping through the blocks with the blue suit.

Even in randomizers that don't have any sort of Short Charge or Quick Charge in logic, breaking these blocks with Speed Booster is still in logic, because of the shinespark shown in the video below. However, the Quick Charge shown above will be significantly easier, and costs no health.

Any% Glitched/Low% Glitched

You can get Out of Bounds in this room through the use of a doorskip. By pausing on a certain frame, you can then expand your hitbox as you touch the door transition on the last frame of the unpause, and you will fall through the transition into the Out of Bounds area.


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