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The current RBO World Record uses a trick in the Dachora Room known as Moondance, a series of consecutive moonfalls in order to build up fall speed. This is then used in Green Brinstar Main Shaft in order to clip through the Power Bomb blocks to the lower portion of the room, allowing the collection of the Power Bombs down below (along with the Super Missiles and Energy Tank). This allows the runner to minimize backtracking, as the previous Single Norfair Visit route would climb Red Tower, collect the Power Bombs there, and Gate Glitch back through Green Hill Zone in order to collect the necessary items from Brinstar.

Pastebin with more information


OverfiendVIP, jack879, and ShinyZeni looked at whether Moondance would save time in 100%. Based on the video and accompanying spreadsheet they made, so far it does not. However, it's possible that the variation of this used in several current TASs, which involves frame-perfect turnarounds on the elevator platform in Green Brinstar Main Shaft, might be viable someday.