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Information that the wiki is limited on or completely missing regarding individual tricks includes but is not limited to the following:

Categories that are lacking tutorials, such as the write-ups the GT Code categories have, should have those taken care of eventually. I think 100% Map and Reverse Boss Order would be the biggest to tackle out of these. SS RTA and Any% PRKD would probably not be as tedious.

Something that would potentially take an extremely long amount of time is mapping the out of bounds area of every single room. Not necessarily what blocks could appear there (because in the case of transitions a/o blocks that are modified based on memory, that would be virtually impossible to do), but general layout for each room's unique out of bounds.

Something else is that every individual room page could have outlines of strategies per category. It would probably be similarly tedious to the above, but it would have benefits over video tutorials in that information can always be edited as strategies are updated, and the information can potentially be explained more clearly. It would also allow people to simply visit an individual room page to figure out what strategy would work for them, rather than having to skim a full game tutorial... assuming one exists for their category, covers the room they are curious about, and involves recent enough information, which are things that are obviously not always the case.

I doubt these two "somethings" will ever happen because of how incredibly long they would both take to develop and maintain, but it's a thought.

Outside of updating record times accordingly and similar routine adjustments, the above is more or less everything I can think of that may eventually be worth doing for the wiki.

Below is a list of most if not all theoretical/obsolete/TAS categories. I may document these in a less crude manner someday, but for the time being, here they are:

  • 13% ("low% in-bounds" for TAS)
  • 8% (lowest amount of items a human has acquired while still beating the game via Tourian Escape (i.e. not a triggered escape))
  • 5% (lowest amount of items a human has acquired while still beating the game without save and quit or death)
  • 4% (lowest amount of items a human has acquired while still beating the game without tricking the game into removing any items)
  • 100% RBO (lol)
  • "Pacifist" (any% and low%...?)
  • "Damageless" (any% and low%)
  • 100% map and items (true 100%? 100% map means all bosses and minibosses would be fought as a result as well)
  • any% items, low% map (beat the game activating the least amount of map squares possible - eternised believes this to be 398 squares (for TAS) (246 "mandatory" squares + 152 additional))
  • 100% items, low% map (beat the game collecting 100% items while activating the least amount of map squares possible)
  • low% items, 100% map (beat the game collecting the lowest amount of items while still hitting every single map square - eternised states that this is 16% for humans (14% Speed core with Space Jump and either X-Ray Scope or Grapple Beam added in), but 15% for TAS (14% Gravitybomb core with Grapple Beam added in))