Golden Torizo Code

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The Golden Torizo Code, also known as "GT Code", is a leftover debug feature that occurs when the player enters Golden Torizo's Room (from either entrance) while holding all of the face buttons (A, B, X, Y) on the frame that the game checks for the inputs during the horizontal door transition into the room.

When entering from Screw Attack Room, that frame is the 26th of horizontal movement during the transition:

GT Code Execute Frame.png

Executing the code will not work if Golden Torizo is no longer alive.

Executing the code will grant Samus with the following items:

Despite not appearing on the information bar at the top of the screen (even when highlighted via item select) after executing the code, Grapple Beam and X-Ray Scope are given to the player upon executing the code.

Notably, it enables all beams (known as Murder Beam), which will crash the game if fired improperly. To avoid crashing the game, you should let go of the face buttons after the camera locks into place after the room transition. The game will have already checked for the code's inputs well before that point, so there is no risk to the code not being executed properly in that regard.

Afterward, immediately pause and unequip the beams of your choosing. For GT Classic and Max% GT Code, you will want to unequip Spazer. For Any% GT Code and 100% GT, you will want to unequip Wave Beam (creating Space Time Beam).


JAM discovered the GT Code while looking for the part of the game's code that refills Samus' ammo and energy when moving from Ceres to Zebes. With Scyzer's help, they figured out how to activate the code when entering GT's room.

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